Following on from our Record Store Day shenanigans in Boscombe and Wimborne yesterday (we do get around you know!) Galahad 'Stripped' in the form of Dean and Stu will be opening for Gordon Giltrap and Oliver Wakeman on Saturday 26th April at Mr Kyp's in Poole, Dorset which should be a blast, albeit in a slightly more mellow way bar the odd teutonic growl. Hope to see a few of you down there for an evening of splendiferous PROG tinged entertainment. https://www.facebook.com/events/1448039172094081/?fref=ts


Below is the cover art for the 'Guardian Angel' EP, which will be the second release from Galahad in 2014. Release date TBC.

The track listing will be: 
  1. Guardian Angel (Piano version)
  2. Guardian Angel (Hybrid)
  3. Guardian Angel (Euphoria version)
  4. Guardian Angel – Reprise (Euphoria version)
  5. Beyond the Barbed Wire (Piano version)


Galahad feature prominently in the new March 2014 edition of PROG magazine which includes a positive and succinct review of our new 'Seize the Day' EP  (see below) plus, the track  '21st Century Painted Lady' appears on this month's cover mount CD.

Coincidentally, ex Galahad Bass player Lee Abraham also features in the magazine with a 2 page interview plus a track 'Closing the Door' from his new album 'Distant Days' is also included on the cover mount CD.


It looks like Dean and I will be doing a 'Galahad Stripped' Record Store Day 'tour' on Saturday 19th April!
Rose Red Records, Boscombe Royal Arcade first followed by a set at Square Records in Wimborne later in the afternoon! Timings to be confirmed so watch this space. Big thanks to both stores for inviting us along!


The Galahad  'Seize the Day' EP is now available to purchase from the Galahad Merchandise page both as a download and as a CD EP.

A brand new promotional video of the Galahad track 'Seize the Day' filmed at the 2 Days Prog Festival in Veruno, Italy in September 2013 to accompany the release of the 'Seize the Day' EP is also available to view HERE....Enjoy! ;-)


Following on from the release of two critically acclaimed full length albums in 2012 (Battle Scars and Beyond the Realms of Euphoria), Galahad are back again with ‘Seize the Day’, the first of several EP's which will be released during 2014. ‘Seize the Day’ has been edited, tweaked and re-mixed by the band and Karl Groom and makes a perfect single, in our opinion of course!

It will be available as a download from the band’s website as well as a limited edition CD EP which will also contain the full version.

‘21st Century Painted Lady’ is based upon ‘Painted Lady’ which was written and first recorded in the mid 1980’s but has been given a major overhaul and now includes a second verse which should have but didn’t appear on the original version!

‘Bug Eye’, originally from the 1998 album ‘Following Ghosts’ has also been re-worked and brought up to date for 2013. A live version of the original arrangement is also included on the EP.

‘Seize the Day’ should appeal to existing fans of the band as well as those who are intrigued and interested in the band but have yet to dip their toes in to the murky world of Galahad music.

Track listing: 1. Seize the Day (Single version) 2. Seize the Day (Album version) 3. 21st Century Painted Lady 4. 21st Century Painted Lady (Instrumental) 5. Bug Eye 2014 6. Bug Eye (Live)


Galahad are proud and very pleased to announce that they will play a show for GARF (Gothenburg Artrock Society) on Saturday 1 March at the Musikens Hus, Djurgardsatan 13, Gothenburg. This will be their first ever Swedish show and, as you can imagine, the band are looking forward to visiting Sweden. Other bands involved will be A.C.T who will be playing live their first live show in four years and Wonderland plus a local support. It should be a great evening of prog/rock. ;-)

07.11.2013 - GENERAL UPDATE 

Well here we are, November already, the evenings are drawing in as the year slowly but surely comes to a close and boy what a year it has been for Galahad! ;-)

We have had some fantastic gigs this year on both sides of the Atlantic and would dearly just  like to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who came along, supported us, enjoyed the shows and bought our albums etc! Also an equally HUMONGOUS THANK YOU to all those who helped, organised, promoted, drove, fed us, accommodated us, made us laugh and smile, feel so welcome and generally made our time so incredibly wonderful and unforgettable in Mexico, Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Poland. Hopefully, we will do at all again some time!

Without the generosity of spirit that so many people have shown towards us this year we would not have been able to play and perform the shows we did. You guys make us realise why we got involved with this crazy Rock and Roll thing in the first place. Therefore we salute all of you without exception!

As far as the future goes, we have been so inspired of late that we have probably got more projects on the go than at any time in the past...ever. The recording of several EP's is well under way, including a few surprises. Empires Never Last will be re-released in 2014, bigger, better, longer than before (we hope!). We are also already writing new material for our next studio album and have some very special plans for our 30th anniversary in 2015! Plus, as well as all the studio activity we hope to play a few special shows in 2014 including, even a few in the UK (shock horror!)

Oh, and a few albums that were out of stock i.e. Nothing Is Written, In A Moment of Complete Madness, Following Ghosts and Other Crimes & Misdemeanours are now back in stock on our merchandise page.

Phew, I think that's about it for now, more news will be posted as and when...er..it becomes news! Love and hugs GALAHAD. ;-)


The following Galahad shows for the remainder of 2013 have now been confirmed:

 2 Days Prog Festival, Veruno, Italy - Friday 6 September 2013
 3rd Serious Music Event, Parktheater, Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands – Friday 13 Sept 2013
 Progressive Promotion Festival, Das Rind, Russelsheim, Germany - Saturday 14 Sept 2013
 Prog meeting, Spirit off 66, Verviers, Belgium - Sunday 13 October 2013         
 Andaluzja - Piekary Slaskie, Poland - Thursday 24 October 2013
 Klub Progresja –Warszawa, Poland - Friday 25 October 2013
 Oskard, Konin, Poland - Saturday 26 October 2013